Fondue device that slows down the perception of time

Fondue device that slows down the perception of time

In 2012, I had an experience with slow motion through an installation. The resin spread on the road resembled cheese fondue, so I decided to call it "Fondue". Motivated by the idea that this could somehow address the sensation of time moving too quickly, I continued to explore Fondue and create artworks. Thanks to the support from those around me, I was able to present my work in Milan, Sweden, Singapore, and Shanghai starting from 2014. There were awards, museum exhibitions, and collaboration offers from famous brands. At the same time, I've always been struggling with something.

I want to slow down other people's perception of time, even if not to the extent of slow motion. How to proceed with slowing down time is a challenge. Communicating this through words seems too dubious due to my appearance, so scientific evidence is necessary. Along with evidence, I've been working on creating a device that can replicate the slow-motion experience.

Discussing the evidence will take too long, so I'll summarize that another time. When talking about a device, one might imagine electrodes attached to the head, but that's more in the realm of neuroscience or clinical psychology. In my case, I want to replicate the experience from the installation.

Upon revisiting what triggered the slow-motion experience, it was encountering something that resembled an abstract painting, formed by resin covering a decayed road.

This led me to think, perhaps creating an installation that resembles an abstract painting and having viewers see it might work.

I started simply by trying to directly paint the scene of resin scattered on the road, but it wasn't successful.

Maybe it's because the situation and space are different when the installation is taken as is. The way of appreciation also differed; I was more engaged, squatting or viewing from above, using my whole body to focus. To create a similar experience through painting, it seems necessary to reinterpret the situation in my own way and express it, requiring viewers to focus as well.