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I'd like to present you the new stool which is made by dipping the sponge. I have named it "Fondue Stool" because the production process is similar to cheese fondue. We dip the sponge into PVC, dry it with hot air and it is done. We can see the sponge change its shape naturally due to its weight (gravity). ※By using a sponge with high absorption rate, PVC will permeate the sponge when dipped into it, and this way it is possible to make a high intensity stool.

We dip the sponge, and dry it.

Idea from cheezefondue.

This is not cheese. :-D

dip sponge

like a cheeze

all shape made by sponge itself

I'm home with fondue stool!

three fondue stool!

not a slice cheeze!

I have to cook.

not eat!



I should get going.

fondue stool in office.

botanical collaboration


each shape is different.

dip sponge

Fondue Stool
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PHOTO:Shouta Kikuchi